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I have used XLP for the past 2 years as a cold weather additive and have had no problems with freeze up or gelling. What I notice most though is after not using XLP in the summer months my Duramax will put out black smoke on fast acceleration, but adding XLP eliminates that issue. Plus it seems to idle and run better.

Dayne Berg, Shop Manager from BSR Transport Truck & Trailer Repair

A client of ours asked us to open up his blown Cummins ISX motor with 1.4 million miles on it.  He wanted to see what the inside of the motor looked like after using XLP diesel additive for the last 560,000 miles. When I pulled the head off, I couldn't say I wasn't impressed because the pistons and injectors had very minimal carbon buildup.  The spray
patterns on the pistons all looked great for the miles they had on them. In my opinion, XLP diesel additive keeps your fuel system clean and well lubricated.

Brad's XLP Results

Andrew Love from Benbrook, TX

Before I started using XLP fuel additive in my 2011 Ford F-250 diesel, I was getting 14-16 mpg on average and after I started using XLP, I saw a noticeable difference in performance as well as an increase of fuel mileage to 16-18.5 mpg. That's with mud tires on highway and city driving and of coarse average mpg. And as they recommended, I always use exactly the amount they said to use per gallon of diesel on each tank. (1 ounce of XLP per 4.6 gallons diesel fuel)

What They're Saying About Our Gas Additive

USED SINCE 1988 WOW! What a product! I use it in EVERY tank. Note: I am a conservative driver.  1991 Plymouth Acclaim 27 to 34mpg, 2002 T.C. Van 27mpg to 31.5 (average 22mpg city), 2014 T.C. Van 27mpg to 32-33 (average 23 mpg city), Lawn mower 50% more mowing time, Chain saw More power. All yard work gear start 1st pull ALL THE TIME (fill tanks in fall too) Do you know why? Automobiles start better and run smoother, OH attention RV AND WINNEBAGO OWNERS suggest checking MPG 1st, 2nd add XLP and check again. Do the math on what just 1.5 MPG extra makes a bottle of XLP worth (YOU SHALL BE SHOCKED!)
- Gary G from Florida

I have been using XLP in my 1992 Camaro for the past 17 years. I have gained 1.5 to 2 mpg. I wish i had the nerve to take apart the engine to see how clean it is. I have run out ( once or twice ) of XLP and have noticed a difference in fuel economy. I do recommend this product to everyone! 
- Ron L

I have used XLP gas additive mostly non-stop, for 8yrs, in two different cars of my own. I also know a few other friends that have used it for a month or so or even just the initially 4.5 ounce clean out. I drive a 2006 Ford 500 and my husband drives a 2010 Scion XB. I gain 2-3 miles a gallon w/ the additive. I tow an aluminum framed tent trailer on occaison through the mountains, and without the additive, my milage is down 3-5 mpg. The only issues I have ever had with my cars are manufactorer defects. I have driven my Ford 500 from 25,000 to the current 136,000 I rarely forget to add the additive. Follow the directions, do not add more or less than it says, for to work as intended.  God Bless ~Amy
- Amy J

I have been using XLP Gas Additive for a number of years. I have a 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis that I bought new and have used XLP Gas Additive in it since day one. It now has 293,000 miles on it and has never had anything done other than routine maintenance, it runs great, never have to add oil between changes, gets great gas mileage (27 to 30 MPG highway). I wouldn't use anything else! 
- Larry from Arizona

I have been using XLP Gas Additive in my 2004 Explorer and have improved my gas mileage for my daily commute by 1.5-2 (10%) mpg\'s. I used this product before, on a 1994 Mazda MX-6 and drove the car to 330,000 miles and got 29 mpg till the last mile and never had an engine issue. I would definitely recommend this product. 
- Chris Miller from North Carolina

I have been using XLP fuel Additive since my truck had 50 ,000 miles on it. It now has 251,000 miles. This product is amazing!!! I never have had a fuel system problem and it runs great. Recently I had to replace a fuel injector, but it was because the solenoid went back, not because it was clogged. Thank You for making such an awesome product!!!
- William from Boise, ID

I used it in my 1993 Ford Probe for 200,000+ miles and got the same gas mileage as when the car was new! 
- David S

Excellent product!  XLP let's you fill up with regular gas instead of the premium and without the pings.
- Joseph Dominic Sanzo III

I have used his product for several years and was glad to find where I could get it. It really helped and I do get better MPG!! 
- Paul

This a great product! I get extra miles every time I use and fill up my gas tank. My car always passes smog checks because of this, and I experience exceptional driving performance. My wife and I drive two 2004 Honda Civic\'s, they always have a 35 miles a gallon for both cars. Its a great product!
- Vijay

Love this product and have used it for years. It is economical and does a lot more than help with gas milage.
- Mary Mechaw

Great product for better fuel miles. Thanks everyone!
- Michael

This product is the best fuel additive that I have ever used in my entire driving life. I have no regrets about it. Please follow the instructions very carefully, so that you can maximize all of the 15oz bottle. From the first initial treatment you will notice a difference in performance and  a gas milleage increase. I did a comparison with and without the fuel treatment, and got atleast 2 more days of driving with the same amount of fuel.
- GFRESH from Antigua, Caribbean

I started using the gas additive in my crossover SUV when it had about 180k miles on it. It now has 200k miles on it and during this time I have noticed an increase in MPG and I think it runs a little better than before. The increase in MPG is about 10%. Good product, I now use it in my pickup too.
- Bill from Eau Claire, WI

I've used XLP for several years and have been more than pleased with the results. I've experienced cleaner combustion, increased fuel mileage (about 8-10%) and most importantly I continue to use regular 87 octane rather than 91 octane which is a savings of approximately 25 cents per gallon (depending on fuel prices)! So in addition to a cleaner running engine and better gas mileage this bonus is a huge extra! My wife and I burn approximately 60 gallons of fuel per week between both our Lexus 430s and have enjoyed a savings of about $15.00 per fill up which is $60 per month or $720 per year! This savings alone is more than worth the product investment! If it didn't' work I wouldn't use it!
- Jim Mc from Wichita, KS

"I've been using XLP Gas Additive in my 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee for about four months! I instantly noticed better gas mileage and the engine just seems to be running smoother than it did before I started using XLP. I would recommend it to anyone!"
- Josh Myers from Eau Claire, WI

"I started using XLP Fuel Cleaner about 1 year ago due to personal testimony I heard. Decided to calculate the mileage the next time and see for myself. I reset the odometer when I went to fill up my next tank and recorded the miles I was able to travel. Repeated this, this time not using the fuel cleaner. Calculated that I saved at least 30 miles. I drive up to about 2,000 miles a month for my job not including personal errands. 1 bottle lasts about 1 month, longer if you don't drive as much of course and this is the handiest thing I have come across. Other fuel cleaners out there don't treat as many gallons and you have to use the whole bottle. I drive a Toyota Corolla and I definitely recommend this! My parents drive a Lexus and they asked me to order a ton for them."
- Sue

"I have been using XLP Fuel Additive for many years. My past and present cars have been luxury European vehicles. I've noticed an increase in MPG, cleaner engine and exhaust. I actually clean my exhaust pipes when washing my cars. I noticed when I forget to use the additive, my exhaust pipes are more sooty, so I always use the additive."
- Henrich

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Love this product and have used it for years. It is economical and does a lot more than help with gas milage.
- Mary Mechaw