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A client of ours asked us to open up his blown Cummins ISX motor with 1.4 million miles on it. He wanted to see what the inside of the motor looked like after using XLP diesel additive for the last 560,000 miles. When I pulled the head off, I couldn't say I wasn't impressed because the pistons and injectors had very minimal carbon buildup. The spray patterns on the pistons all looked great for the miles they had on them. In my opinion, XLP diesel additive keeps your fuel system clean and welllubricated.

-Dayne Berg, Shop Manager for BSR Transport Truck & Trailer Repair

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I have used XLP for the past 2 years as a cold weather additive and have had no problems with freeze up or gelling. What I notice most though is after not using XLP in the summer months my Duramax will put out black smoke on fast acceleration, but adding XLP ... Read More
- Tom