Road Test Results


- Winter temperatures and fuels decrease efficiency.

- Test truck is a 2007 Volvo Automatic w/ Cummings
   motor with an odometer reading of over 838k miles.

- Test truck has averaged 3,000+ miles a week since
   the beginning of the test.

- Test truck had regular scheduled maintenance, but
   never had the motor opened.

(Results will vary by user and equipment)

Over 750 Tanks Tracked

Since the beginning of 2013, we have tracked the fuel effiency of every fill-up to track the improvement while XLP Diesel Fuel Additive was being used.

What to Take Away

- The overall efficiency increase from 365 days of continual use is 10%

- Based on the 25 tank sets with no additive used, the naked efficiency
   restore overall is an impressive 6.85% in fuel savings.

(Go to "Reviews" to hear Brad's results from BJ Mac Transport.)

BJ Mac Transport Fuel Efficiency Test Results

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"I've been using XLP Gas Additive in my 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee for about four months! I instantly noticed better gas mileage and the engine just seems to be running smoother than it did before I started using XLP. I would recommend it to anyone!"
- Josh Myers from Eau Claire, WI