Diesel Fuel Performance Boosters

For all light and heavy duty diesel engines

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Order the Booster

Do you want better fuel efficiency, more power, and protection for cold weather operations? XLP Diesel is a complete treatment package ready to help you maximize your profits.
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Treat Your Engine

Just one gallon of XLP Diesel Fuel Additive will treat up to 600 gallons of diesel fuel.

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Experience the Difference

Continuous use of XLP Diesel Fuel Booster will result in restoring your motor to a like-new performance, saving you time and money!
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A complete diesel treatment designed to restore and maintain peak performance in all operating conditions.

Conditioning your engine with XLP Diesel Fuel System Cleaner can result in better mileage, fuel savings, and improved engine performance.

Your consistent answer to inconsistent fuel! A dirty fuel system can mean reduced fuel economy and higher maintenance costs!

XLP Diesel Fuel Performance booster is designed for all diesel engines. This super-concentrated fuel system cleaner cleans fuel injectors for maximum engine performance. With continued use at each fill-up, your diesel engine will stay free of power robbing injector deposits, restoring lost fuel economy.

XLP Diesel Fuel Additive helps demulsify normal amounts of water in diesel fuel. It also provides corrosion protection of the fuel storage and transfer system while improving winter operability by lowering the cold filter plugging point by as much as 32 degrees. Use one gallon of cleaner per 600 gallons of fuel (approx. 1 fl. oz. per every 5 gallons). As the sulfur content of diesel fuel has been reduced from 5,000 to 500 to 15 parts per million, the lubricating characteristic of diesel fuel has also been reduced. XLP Diesel Fuel Additive provides additional lubricity to help exceed ASTM D6079 and to help meet the Engine Manufacturers Association recommendations. XLP Diesel Fuel Additive can also help extend the storage life of diesel fuel by improving the thermal and oxidative stability.

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Your consistent answer to inconsistent fuel!

I have used XLP for the past 2 years as a cold weather additive and have had no problems with freeze up or gelling. What I notice most though is after not using XLP in the summer months my Duramax will put out black smoke on fast acceleration, but adding XLP ... Read More
- Tom